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Can you tell me more about your heavy-duty cleaning?

Generally we offer our clients a flat rate that remains the same for their cleaning, this allows for everyone to plan and budget accordingly. There are instances where special rules need to be applied, like in the case of heavy-duty cleaning. When this happens we will do our best to ensure that the prices quoted are fair.

  • What conditions would this include? A home that hasn’t been cleaned thoroughly for several months or years, especially when there are multiple residents and pets. A home like this would need to be cleaned thoroughly and deeper than a home that has been cleaned regularly. It would also include conditions such as cluttered surfaces, spoiled food, mold, grease on the walls, fur on the walls and appliances, strong animal or cigarette odors.
  • What happens if your home falls into this category? If our team of cleaners arrive at your home and determines that the cleaning services required are outside the range of services we offer, there are 3 options available to you:
  • We spend the amount of time that you have booked at the house and do what we can in the allotted time. Generally the time allotted to a clean is 4 hours of labor by 2 or 3 cleaners. In the case of deep cleans, we probably will not be able to meet all of your requirements on your checklist in the allotted time. but we have had very impressive results.
  • The second option is that you can select our “heavy duty” extra. This will allow us to be better prepared to take on the scope of work required and send enough cleaners with the right type of equipment and products. This option will cost you more but at the end product will be well worth it as you will see the difference. If you haven’t selected this option before time, our team will put this option forward as a solution if we are able to accommodate the extra work. Based on our past experiences we are able to make it happen most of the time.
  • The final option is to cancel the work. We will not charge you if this is the case.


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Booking Professional Apartment Cleaning Services In London has never been less inconvenient. We have arranged a straightforward booking form that allows you to book a best-assessed, experienced cleaner in 60 seconds. Easily, select the date and time you’d like your private cleaner to seem up, pick the cleaning type your wish, tell us your home address, and pay. We’ll manage things from there!
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All you wish to undertake and do is show them around your property and your cleaner is aiming to be arranged to go. Take off us to the cleaning and clean-up of your washroom, kitchen, and all other surfaces. Frequently our enthusiasm and something we really cherishes doing! Our cleaners in London will arrive among the 1-hour entry window you have chosen.
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Living in a clean and healthy environment not only lifts our mood but also adds positivism to the atmosphere. Instead of you having to do the cleaning, our team can do the house cleaning absolutely as you wish. You can spend your time relaxing or easily catch up with the things you most enjoy

Why Choose Clean Refresh London?

Here at Clean Refresh London, we want you to have the best clears to clean your home. Whatsoever your circumstance, be it a celebration, your oven is not working, you’re moving houses, you want to spend your time relaxing, otherwise you fair require a regular clean-up, at that point, our residential cleaning administrations are particularly what you want. You’ll take note that our group of devoted local cleaners has all prepared at the most elevated hotels over London and have the best tools and chemicals that are friendly environmental. They will come back week by week, fortnightly, month to month, or essentially for one-off cleans.
We have designed the simplest booking system

Our team has spent hours working to offer you a seamless experience for booking our cleaning services in London. We have designed our website with you in mind. Just choose the bedrooms and bathrooms your property, choose the frequency and tell us your address. It has never been so easy to book quality house cleaners!

All our prices are flat and transparent for your ease

We have made all of our prices completely transparent. You no longer have to annoying wait for a call or email back on your quote request, just choose the bedrooms and bathrooms and you can check how much your cleaning will cost.