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How do I make a booking?

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What’s included in a cleaning?

Clean Refresh London has a cleaning checklist that is used by our cleaning professionals to make sure that they cover everything that needs to be cleaned. In addition to this checklist, we encourage clients to communicate any additional instructions with us. This ensure that our team cleans everything that you want to be cleaned.

The following extra services are available if needed:

  • Inside the fridge,
  • Inside the oven,
  • Green cleaning,
  • Inside windows,
  • Basement,
  • Move in/move out cleaning,
  • Laundry, and
  • Inside cabinets.

Note: To protect the safety of our professionals, we cannot perform the following types of cleaning services:

  • Cleaning that requires climbing on ladders,
  • Exterior, hard to reach windows,
  • Mould removal,
  • Deep stain removal,
  • Insect and pest removal,
  • Cleaning pet messes,
  • Cleaning blinds, and
  • Items that require heavy lifting.
Once-off vs recurring cleaning

Recurring Cleaning

Clean Refresh London offers weekly, bi-weekly (every two weeks), or monthly cleaning at a discounted rate.  For convenience and continuity we will automatically schedule the cleaning services on the same day and the same time at the interval of your choice. We send a reminder email and text message reminding you of the upcoming cleanings, allowing you the opportunity to skip or reschedule the cleaning service.

One-off Cleaning

Once-off cleaning can be scheduled at any time. While we understand that sometimes once off cleaning is required, it is important to note that we do offer considerable discounts for recurring cleaning. Recurring cleaning obviously has its benefits and is recommended.

Move out cleans

When you move out of a space or have tenants leave a property, it needs to be cleaned and Clean Refresh London can assist with this. Our team will come into the premises and clean baseboards, uncleaned carpets, and other areas that have been “hidden” under furniture for extended periods.

It is important to note that as a cleaning service, we are unable to guarantee your deposit. There are also a few areas that we are unable to clean and assist with. These include moving heavy furniture or climbing ladders, as per our safety policy.


How does payment work?

Clean Refresh London only accepts credit/debit card payments for our cleaning services. For once-off cleaning we usually charge within one week of the booking for the clean being placed. Recurring cleans are charged within one week of carrying out the cleaning service.

Why do I have to pay for the full price even if two bedrooms do not need to be cleaned?

The reason for this is that our prices are based on the size of the house, as estimated by the number of bedrooms. We do not charge based on the cleaning of each bedroom.

What will it cost?

Our pricing is based on the number of bedrooms and bathrooms in your home. You can  go to our booking page, enter all the required information and you will receive an estimate.

What do I do if I am not happy with my service?

If you are not happy with your service, we would like to be notified immediately. Our team will return to your premises and re-clean if necessary. Once we have re-cleaned, if you feel that we have still not adequately met your standards, we will offer you a full refund.


What are your hours of operation?

Clean Refresh London hours of operations are 8:30 am to 5:00 pm. Our last scheduled service starts at 4:30 pm.

Why is there a two hour window?

Our two hour window allows us to handle the unpredictability of cleaning services.  Homes are different sizes and require different levels of effort needed to make them clean.  So predicting the time spent at a home is incredibly difficult. In addition, we have to deal with other unpredictable factors like traffic, weather etc. Thanks so much for understanding.

My window has not passed but are we still on?

If you have booked a cleaning based on an arrival window (8:30 to 10:30 for example), this denotes that the team can be there anytime during this period.  We will reach out to you if there are any major issues however. Alternatively, please contact us here to check on your service.

When is your next available appointment?

You can have a look at date and time availability when you are at checkout.


Will I always get the same crew?

We will do our best to ensure that you get the same crew each time we clean but it, unfortunately, cannot be guaranteed.

Assigning team members can be a fine balancing act as we have a large team servicing various clients all across London. Our team members each have their own unique cleaning “super powers” and these attributes may be required at different locations. It is, however, our goal to try to assign the same team to you as far as is possible. While we may not be able to guarantee the exact same team each time we clean your property, we can assure you that the team you do receive will be professional, experienced and pleasant.


If you would prefer to have the same team, there are a few things you can do to help us ensure we assign your favourite team to you each time.

  • Flexibility around cleaning times,
  • Communicate your needs to us, if we know you would like the same team we will do our best to schedule them as such.
  • Ensure that you treat your team with kindness and respect.

Several of our clients have communicated their requirements to us and as such receive the same team each week. Generally, even without prior arrangements, we are able to send the same team to your each time. You can, however, rest assured than even if we send different cleaners to you that they will be of the same standard as your regular team. If, however, you are not 100% satisfied with the team we have sent, please let us know immediately so we are able to address these issues and concerns immediately. Your satisfaction is of the utmost importance to us and we take any concerns raised seriously.

Can you tell me more about your heavy-duty cleaning?

Generally we offer our clients a flat rate that remains the same for their cleaning, this allows for everyone to plan and budget accordingly. There are instances where special rules need to be applied, like in the case of heavy-duty cleaning. When this happens we will do our best to ensure that the prices quoted are fair.

  • What conditions would this include? A home that hasn’t been cleaned thoroughly for several months or years, especially when there are multiple residents and pets. A home like this would need to be cleaned thoroughly and deeper than a home that has been cleaned regularly. It would also include conditions such as cluttered surfaces, spoiled food, mold, grease on the walls, fur on the walls and appliances, strong animal or cigarette odors.
  • What happens if your home falls into this category? If our team of cleaners arrive at your home and determines that the cleaning services required are outside the range of services we offer, there are 3 options available to you:
  • We spend the amount of time that you have booked at the house and do what we can in the allotted time. Generally the time allotted to a clean is 4 hours of labor by 2 or 3 cleaners. In the case of deep cleans, we probably will not be able to meet all of your requirements on your checklist in the allotted time. but we have had very impressive results.
  • The second option is that you can select our “heavy duty” extra. This will allow us to be better prepared to take on the scope of work required and send enough cleaners with the right type of equipment and products. This option will cost you more but at the end product will be well worth it as you will see the difference. If you haven’t selected this option before time, our team will put this option forward as a solution if we are able to accommodate the extra work. Based on our past experiences we are able to make it happen most of the time.
  • The final option is to cancel the work. We will not charge you if this is the case.
How many cleaners do you send?

We, generally, will send enough staff members to complete the job in half a day. As an example, a standard cleaning service for a 2-bedroom apartment requires 1/2 maids while a 5,000 square foot mansion requiring a move-in service, will require a team of 4-6 people.

Do you bring your own supplies?

Yes, Clean Refresh London cleaners will bring with them their own, safe, family and pet-friendly cleaning supplies needed to ensure your home is sparkling when we leave!

You will however, need to please provide, a hoover, a mop and a bucket.

Please let us know if you would like to provide your own products, we will make sure a note is added to your account after your booking is made so that our team are aware of your unique requirements.

How long does it take to clean my home?

Service time will vary with the first clean taking longer than general while we get used to your home and exactly what needs to be done. Recurring cleans will be quicker each time without compromising on the quality of our service.

The time will also depend on what condition we find your home in.  Some homes will require more work and time than others due to the nature of the families living there. Homes with teenagers or many children, pets or where the adults are working from home generally require more work. Our job is to make your life easier by ensuring that your home is left spotless when we leave.

Experience has taught us that a smaller home will generally take our team between an hour and 3 hours to clean while a bigger home can take up to 4 hours to clean properly. We do charge a flat fee for the cleaning so it is not going to cost you more if we go over those hours.